In Flors i Detalls CASA NATALIA we bet, once again, for the products elaborated artisan, with exclusive and original designs, because often what is more valuable is the simplicity and the dedication that we employ, to obtain that you have everything necessary for Create in your home the atmosphere of relaxation and rest that you deserve. Because we care about your well-being, we present the new collection of therapeutic cushions.

Seed cushions and herbs combine the benefits of phytotherapy (use of plants as a therapeutic resource), thermotherapy (treatment of diseases and injuries through heat, relieving pain) and aromatherapy (treatment by the aroma that expel herbs and flowers Which help health, maintain balance and well-being).

Our cushions are made with seeds and herbs such as lavender, mint, rosemary, camomile, linen and arnica, as well as essential oils, which, in combination, are specially indicated for the treatment of migraine, mental fatigue, exhaustion, sinusitis, Eye discomfort, anxiety and stress, muscle aches, rheumatics, swelling of joints, etc.

The fabric of these cushions comes from the island of Java (Indonesia), and has been made using the technique of batik (dyed with natural dyes and beeswax), giving it that distinctive appearance. Its composition (100% cotton) and the characteristics of this special fabric (Intangible World Heritage of UNESCO since 2009), make our cushions unique pieces and high quality.


How to use

The seed cushion can be used warm (to relax muscles in muscle aches, cervical tension, arthritis, sinusitis) or cold (inflammations, light strokes, sprains, migraines, varicose veins, swollen eyes, stress).

To use it hot, it puts one to two minutes in the microwave (depending on the power). You can also heat up a radiator. If it overheats, it can burn the contents leaving it useless and with burnt odor. Place a glass of water inside the microwave along with the cushion to prevent it from drying out.

When used warm, the seeds dissipate heat slowly, penetrating the layers of the body effectively in the place of the ailment, relaxing, deflating or calming. In addition, herbs give off odors, which have a direct influence on mood.

To use it in cold, it must be stored in the freezer, in a closed bag, for 1 hour approx. The cushion is applied directly to the affected area.


It can be stored at room temperature, avoiding humid or hot spaces. It is also possible to keep it in the refrigerator inside a bag, trying to remove all the air and seal it to avoid the combination of odors.


-The cushion, since it contains seeds, is not washable.
-It is recommended to replace periodically when it dissipates its aroma or loses its properties.
-It is not recommended to warm up more than once a day. If you want to use more frequently, have more than one cushion to go alternating its use, thus avoiding overheating of its contents.
- Rice and wheat have been used to facilitate the adaptation of the cushion to different parts of the body and to maintain both the cold and the heat, and thus achieve a more lasting effect.
-All seeds have been pre-frozen to increase their durability.

If you have a store, herbalist, therapeutic center, etc., and you want to sell these cushions in it, contact us and consult special prices.