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Kessa's Gloves

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Kessa's Glove

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The Kessa Glove is an accessory that is used to exfoliate the skin of the body. It is made of a fabric composed of thin and regular fibers, which provide the ideal characteristics of roughness and roughness, to provide a perfect exfoliation without damaging the skin. The name of "Kessa" comes from the Arabic "kiss", which means small bag, since even if it is called a glove, it is more like a gauntlet that adheres to the hand when it is used. The kessa glove has always been used in hammans or "Arab baths" for exfoliation and body massage, as it facilitates the removal of dead cells and stimulates blood circulation, preventing the formation of cellulite. Removing dead or damaged skin helps to stimulate the growth of new and healthy skin, which will better absorb the nutrientres from our moisturizers.

The most effective treatment is the previous shower with very hot water, application of beldi black soap and let stand for 5 to 10 min. Rinse with water and exfoliate with the kessa glove, with long strokes, from top to bottom of the body, avoiding circular movements that can irritate the skin. In case of not applying black beldi soap, it can be done after the hot shower, preferably without applying any other soap that may impair the exfoliation. After this process, rinse again and hydrate the body with body cream or argan oil.


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Kessa's Gloves

Kessa's Gloves

Kessa's Glove

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