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Ghassoul Facial and Hair Mask

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Ghassoul (pronounced "Rhassoul") is a clay with a high absorptive power, rich in minerals and without surfactants, chemical additives or heavy metals, that allows a body wash and hair without irritations and without damaging the protective acid layer of Our skin. The ghassoul has its origin in the Arabic word "ghassal" (wash), and is associated with the care of the body and the hammam sessions.


➔ Can absorb 1.66 times its weight in water; Other clays only get to absorb 0.4 times their weight in water.
➔ It is used in all types of hair as shampoo giving them brightness and flexibility without disturbing keratin, particularly in hair and oily skin.
➔ It is also used to clean and purify the skin, looking for a smooth and pleasant appearance thanks to its foaming power that favors the penetration of added active substances.
➔ It is recommended for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin.
➔ Does not cause allergies.
➔ Acts as a natural shampoo that cleans and degreases hair and scalp, without affecting keratin fibers.
➔ In the form of paste slurry, it is applied as a poultice on any part of the body. Eliminates impurities and dead cells, leaving skin smooth.
➔ Improves clarity and texture of the skin.
➔ Reaffirms facial features.
➔ Clean without removing the protective sebum from the skin.
➔ Leaves hair soft and shiny, increasing its volume.
➔ Eliminates dandruff and relieves excessively oily hair problems.
➔ Reduces dryness and flaking.

Preparation mode
-Put a spoonful of ghassoul soup in a bowl, cover with boiling water (or infusion of herbs); Cover and let stand.
-After standing 5 minutes, mix well until undo lumps with a wooden spoon or plastic, never metal. If it is very thick, add more water, and if it is too liquid add more ghassoul.
-For people with dry skin, you can add a few drops of argan oil to the mixture; You can also add a small amount of lemon juice for people with spots on the skin.
- Pick up a brush or spatula and spread all over the face avoiding the eye contour.
- Rinse with warm water.

- The clay should not come into contact with any metal element, otherwise it would lose its properties.

➔ Facial mask: it extends like a mask avoiding the eye contour and leaves for about 15 minutes; Then rinse with plenty of water.

➔ Body mask: apply the paste throughout the body by a light massage. Rinse with cold water. The ghassoul refines and softens the skin of the body.

Cap Capillary mask: For brittle or troubled hair, apply the paste once a week on clean and moist hair and leave it to stand for 10 minutes. Wrap the hair with a towel and let stand 15 minutes more. Finally rinse with plenty of water. To stimulate capillary growth, add dry and crushed rosemary to your preparation.


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Ghassoul Facial and Hair Mask

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